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About Our Founder

When I was originally researching and developing the products in our line, I approached it not only as a formulator, but as a consumer who was frustrated with the skin care market.  Each one of the products was developed with no corners cut to save cost, no inexpensive fillers to water them down, and only the most effective active ingredients to create products that work and support healthy, age-defying skin. We continue this approach with our collection today because we believe healthy skin is beautiful skin. We’ve taken the guesswork out of skincare and created the formulas you would create for yourself.

Our innovative and complex skincare formulas are made from consciously sourced ingredients and lovingly prepared in small batches. We produce our entire collection in our dedicated private lab, so there is no risk of cross-contamination with irritants contained in another company’s formulations. Every single ingredient is carefully curated to feed the skin and deliver results.

WHAT WE DO NOT USE What we do not put in our products is just as important as the wonderful ingredients we do use.

You will NEVER find:

  • GMOs
  • Petroleum oils and jellies
  • Mineral oil
  • Parabens or formaldehyde releasers
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Synthetic dyes/colorants
  • Inexpensive fillers
  • Harsh bead exfoliators

We only use the highest quality fruit extracts and pure essential oils to lightly scent our products and ensure they are explicitly stated on our ingredient lists. Transparency is key. We never use synthetic colors, scents, or “perfumes”, so you know exactly what you are putting on your skin. Wild West Skincare is devoted to using the most natural, organic, and luxurious ingredients available.

We have found that there are a few natural ingredients commonly found in some skin care lines can actually irritate or harm delicate or sensitive skin. These include harsh acids, dairy, soy, overly refined or bleached vegetable oils, and more. Because of this, these also make our list of ingredients to avoid. We formulate our products using both natural ingredients and safe, cutting-edge synthetics when appropriate to create powerful anti-aging solutions that are incredibly gentle, even for sensitive skin.

CRUELTY FREE, VEGAN SKINCARE Wild West Skincare products are not just efficacious, luxurious, and cruelty free, but every one of our formulations is also 100% vegan. We are free from all animal derived ingredients such as lanolin, dairy, eggs, beeswax, honey, silk, and more. Not only are some of these common allergens, but we strongly believe in treating our animal friends with love and respect. They don’t belong in our skincare products.

Wild West Skincare is a great friend of all animal welfare initiatives, including the preservation of orangutan habitats blighted by improper palm oil production. We take great pride in knowing our ingredients are always carefully researched to ensure that they are sustainably sourced and do not damage natural habitats. 

CONSCIOUS SOURCING WITH FAIR TRADE Many of our ingredients are only found in some of the world’s poorest nations - including shea butter, cocoa butter, and marula oil. We directly source these ingredients from local co-ops, to help provide fair wages and valuable income to support women, families, and entire communities. These economic and fair trade initiatives, some led by the United Nations, support entrepreneurial farmers and protect women and children from economic hardships. 

PROTECTING OUR ENVIRONMENT We purposefully concentrate our products so you use less (and purchase less frequently) while still enjoying radiant results. We also put into daily practice a policy of minimal packaging and best practices in manufacturing to do what we can to limit over-stressing our landfills.

In shipping our products, we use post-consumer recycled packing materials wherever possible. After they have safely  transported your order, all of our packing materials can be recycled again.