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Sales Support Blog

How to Outsource Effectively and Earn Back Your Time

How to Outsource Effectively and Earn Back Your Time

As an entrepreneur, you wear several hats. Some of them might even look good on you.

But there will inevitably be some parts of starting and running a business that fall outside your expertise.

On top of that, you’re one person: You’ve only got 2 hands and 24 hours in a day.

Just because you carry the weight of your business on your shoulders, doesn’t mean you need to shoulder all the responsibility alone.

Delegating responsibilities to other capable hands frees you up to focus on your vision and the things only you can do, whether it’s growing your business or even spending more time with your family.

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9 Simple Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Sell

9 Simple Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Sell

When you write a product description with a huge crowd of buyers in mind, your descriptions become wishy-washy and you end up addressing no one at all.

The best product descriptions address your ideal buyer directly and personally. You ask and answer questions as if you’re having a conversation with them. You choose the words your ideal buyer uses. You use the word you.

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Learn the 7 Life Hacks of How Really Wealthy People Grow Money

Learn the 7 Life Hacks of How Really Wealthy People Grow Money

We all have the potential to build streams of income and wealth. Here are some powerful ways to get there.

During the long course of my life in business, I've had the opportunity to meet some very wealthy people. For the most part, I've found that they're just like you and me--with the added bonus that their bank accounts make mine look like a teeny-tiny mosquito, or maybe a gnat.

And there's one more thing I've noticed about people who are truly wealthy--they have a different way of looking at the world than most of us. It's this different way of perceiving the world that allows them to see opportunities and convert them into successful businesses that build wealth.

Try these seven hacks of really wealthy people and see what they do for your bottom line.

1. They truly love what they do.

The really wealthy never settle--they go after what they really love in life and pursue a career in a field that means something to them. They live the advice, "Choose the career that you will be excited to get up for every morning." And if there's not a business that meets their needs, they create one themselves. Because they don't settle and instead go for what they truly love, wealthy people throw themselves into their work, they continue their search for answers to make their career even better, and they don't waste their time on frivolous things.

2. They constantly evolve.

Whether it is the latest technological advancement or a better way of listening and communicating with their staff, they continually educate themselves, keeping up with the latest trends for the betterment of all in their lives.

3. They edit their lives.

Really wealthy people frequently take a close look at where they are currently and where they want to go in their lives and edit as needed. Instead of merely existing within a company or staying in a not-so-great relationship, they move on and out to better choices for themselves.

4. They give generously of themselves.

They volunteer their time to help those causes they strongly believe in. They help the old lady in the store pick up her groceries when the bottom of the bag falls out. They effortlessly praise the work of their staff and genuinely appreciate those who work for them.

5. "Bad luck" is not part of their vocabulary.

Wealthy people believe, with every fiber of their being, that there is no such thing as bad luck--they believe that the lives they lead are the end product of the choices they have made. They tend to have a lot of very positive habits. Most regularly exercise and eat healthy, they work tirelessly, and they read and observe insatiably. All of these positive habits are the catalyst for their good luck like new business opportunities and a long, healthy life.

6. They ask a lot of questions.

The very wealthy ask a lot of questions and tend to be the best listeners. They are motivated by the desire to learn what it's like to live in another's shoes and they thrive on learning about others--some of their best ideas come from these conversations and really listening.

7. They don't live on wishes--they thrive on goals.

So often you hear people say, "I wish I was rich," or, "I wish I could find a different job." The very wealthy got where they are today by setting goals, not wishing--in fact, a very high percentage of them go after one significant goal yearly, whether it's a major career change or purchasing an island. What fuels their goals? Avoiding procrastination at all costs--the wealthy create lists daily and then conquer them.

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Five Sales Training Tips For Your Retail Staff

Five Sales Training Tips For Your Retail Staff

Complete the PDF we attached in our newsletter with your staff for each product! You'll get some great ideas and sales tips if you engage all the sales people!

Running a retail store involves overseeing the selling activities of your sales staff.  When you have properly trained and motivated sales associates, you ensure your customers are receiving the best product and service information possible – and that leads t bigger and better results

In addition, highly trained sales associates make your job as a store owner or manager easier.  You can have full confidence that your employees are representing your business well when you’re not there.  And when you are in the store, you can concentrate on other essential tasks knowing your sales team is performing optimally.

So let’s look at some important retail sales training topics we cover in our sales training courses and that you can focus on in your business.

 Five Tips For Retail Sales Reps

Start From a Customer-Centric Viewpoint – Many sales reps have a tendency to think that it is all about them when in reality it is not.  Teach your sales associates to have the customer’s wants and needs as the starting point of any sales conversation.   When they know exactly what the customer wants, and why, they can fine-tune their sales message to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Product Knowledge Inspires Confidence – Once your retail staff knows and understands their product thoroughly they can then convey that knowledge in an effective manner.  Customers hate it when they get inaccurate answers to their questions and they can almost always tell when a retail associate is making it up as they go along.

Focus on Benefits…Not Just Features – To often retail sales reps will begin a presentation by rattling off a list of features or specifications.  In our retail sales training seminars we call it “being a sign.”  Instead, relate what the features of a product actually do for the customer!  Then give advice and tips on how to care for or use the product.

Be Prepared for Objections to the Sale – Your customers want to feel like they are making a good investment in a product and they often do this by either shopping around or asking questions so they can gain reassurance.  So whether the customer has a concern about price, value, features or product reviews you need to remember that the “selling begins when the customer says ‘No.’”

Great Retail Reps Listen and Observe – It is important to understand what your customer’s want in a product.  And that usually means that they are seeking to improve their lifestyle in one form or another.  It could be the pleasure of giving a gift or the pleasure they derive from using the product personally.  Listen for these cues and then relate them back to your presentation.

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My TOP 10 Anti-Aging Oils For Beautiful Skin

My TOP 10 Anti-Aging Oils For Beautiful Skin

While there are many commercial anti-aging products available, most of these formulas are expensive and contain potentially harmful chemicals which actually damage your skin in the long-term.

We’ll start off by listing the best carrier oils and their associated health benefits.

1. Apricot Kernel Oil

Apricot Kernel oil is one of the best carrier oils for creating skin-healing oil blends. Rich in omega-6 gamma-linolenic acid, Apricot Kernel oil helps to hydrate and nourish skin while vitamins A and E contained in the oil encourage regeneration of skin cells and collagen production to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Apricot Kernel oil absorbs into skin relatively quickly and is considered non-greasy, so it can be used on virtually any skin type. However, this oil is especially helpful for hydrating and healing very dry skin.

2. Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet Almond oil contains large amounts of vitamins E and K – meaning that this oil not only helps skin to regenerate and maintain elasticity, it also promotes better circulation. Additionally, Sweet Almond oil is a natural UV blocker, making it ideal for people who spend a lot of time in the sun.

Sweet Almond oil offers the added benefit of being odorless, making it a great choice for those who either don’t enjoy the smell of botanical oils or whose employers do not allow the wearing of scented botanical oils in the workplace. This carrier oil is only lightly oily (about the same consistency of olive oil) and absorbs relatively quickly.

3. Coconut Oil

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is full of anti-oxidant vitamin E, making it an excellent carrier oil for skin-healing anti-aging serums. Coconut oil is also comprised mainly of medium-chain triglyceride lauric acid, known to be one of the healthiest oils for your skin and body.

Coconut oil not only helps to reduce signs of aging, it’s also great for strengthening the epidermis against cellulite, fading stretch marks, and eliminating keratosis pilaris. Coconut oil is a natural sunscreen, so you can use it to guard your skin against sun damage without the use of harmful chemicals. It can even be used to prevent or treat skin infections.

4. Avocado Oil

While Avocado oil is a very thick oil – probably too thick for most people to use on sensitive areas like the face – it is one of the healthiest carrier oils for skin. Avocado oil is rich with vitamins A and E, as well as collagen-boosting plant sterolins.

Because avocado oil is so thick, I recommend only using serums with this carrier at night or when you’re planning to stay home for the day. Also, try using avocado oil in combination with another carrier if you find that your anti-aging serum is too sticky.

5. Argan Oil

Argan oil is comprised of roughly 80% fatty acids which work wonders to hydrate skin, restore elasticity, and fade fine lines and wrinkles making this another excellent carrier oil for anti-aging serums. Read more about the 11 Miracle Benefits of Argan Oil in this article!

6. Rosehip Seed Oil

Rosehip Seed oil may be used as either a carrier oil or an auxiliary ingredient, depending on the recipe. This incredible oil is most well-known for its high concentration (the highest of any pure botanical oil) of natural vitamin A – all-trans retinoic acid (or ATRA as it is often abbreviated.) ATRA is known for its potent ability to reduce the depth of wrinkles, fade fine lines, lighten age spots, and promote over-all healing of damaged skin by boosting the growth rate of new cells and increasing collagen production deep under the skin’s surface.

Rose hip seed oil is also rich in skin nourishing essential fatty acids including omega-6 linoleic acid and omega-3 linolenic acid which help to improve the elasticity, texture, and appearance of skin.  Also, because Rosehip Seed oil is lighter in weight than many other botanical oils used for skin care, it is ideal for people who want flawless skin without the feeling and appearance of an oily complexion.

7. Carrot Seed Oil

Carrot Seed oil is full of antioxident carotenoids which boost the body’s immune response to UV rays, helping to prevent sun damage.  Carotenoids also stimulate the rejuvenation of skin cells, aid in the detoxification process, and can help to heal chronic skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

8. Geranium Oil

Geranium oil is an effective anti-inflammatory.  It also helps to lighten age spots and even out overall skin tone.  Geranium oil also improves circulation under the skin’s surface which aids in cell regeneration, making it useful for fading scars, wrinkles, and other visible imperfections in the skin.

9. Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil

Another vitamin-rich essential oil that is excellent for reversing the signs of aging, Sea Buckthorn Berry oil can help to moisturize dry skin, treat acne, and reduce the visibility of other skin conditions like hyperpigmentation and eczema.

10. Pomegranate Seed Oil

Pomegranate Seed oil contains very high concentrations of antioxidants which help to prevent free radical damage and slow the aging process.  Punicic and ellagic acids contained in this essential oil help to nourish skin, enhance elasticity, and promote cell regeneration. Pomegranate Seed oil also protects and heals dry, irritated, burned, or damaged skin such as that affected by eczema or psoriasis.

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What do you know about Keith Allen West the Founder of Organic Private Label Skin Care?

What do you know about Keith Allen West the Founder of Organic Private Label Skin Care?

Keith West, the Millionaire Branding Coach & self-proclaimed Mad Scientist, is an extremely successful and energetic presenter on branding, marketing and extreme retail growth strategies. Since 2014 he has reached the Inc. 500/5000 list with two of his cosmetics companies by growing revenue over 1,000%. The newest company, Urban Fresh Cosmetics, grew sales from $200,000 to $3.1 million in just three years.

Through a series of major life events, West has become an accomplished skincare marketing expert, journalist, motivational coach and leader in the climate crisis. West is a globally recognized speaker on sustainable business success, especially within the spa and wellness industry being honored with the Top Green Spa Award from DaySpa Magazine. Former Vice President Al Gore trained West in Johannesburg, South Africa as a Climate Reality Leader to teach solutions to our climate crisis.

West also owns the award-winning company My Sacred Fig which private labels organic, natural skincare products for spas all over the planet from their urban farm headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. A skincare expert since 1989 with over 28,000 clients, his focus has been on blending ancient Native America, African and Auyervedic beliefs into a system that enhances modern wellness practices. His studies in world wellness rituals earned him a Doctor of Divinity degree. West has been appointed Esthetics Director at several of the industry's leading wellness facilities. As a respected 'Celebrity Esthetician', his expertise in products and ingredients led him to work with top celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez. His companies have been featured by BRAVO TV, HGTV, People Magazine, USA Today, VOGUE, Huffington Post, The Guardian, LA Times, NY Times, FOX, CNN, AOL, MSN, NPR and many more media outlets. His small business reality series through AOL reached 24 million.

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The Toolkit for Successful Branding & Sales

The Toolkit for Successful Branding & Sales

About our Product Line

Our line of products are made for us by a very reputable lab for us, using quality botanical extracts, essential oils and natural ingredients. Our formulas are highly effective and results-oriented, easy to use and very appealing to clients. Besides having high quality productsto offer our clients, the advantages of carrying our own line are wonderful:

Exclusivity. Having our own product line keeps customers coming back to our business as the sole source of consumer goods they like and want to replenish. Our products won’t be found in anyone else’s website, catalog, etc. This means your customer will come back to you for the products you recommend to them­–not to!

Image. A personal product brand is impressive to customers and serves as an effective advertisement among their friends and family. Private brands make even smaller businesses appear larger and more established, which helps to build consumer confidence and loyalty.

How Do Customers Respond to House Products?

Customers seek the services of health and beauty professionals because they are expected to have skills and information their customers want. Our treatments and advice make it very easy for the customer to get the best services and goods without having to spend the time and effort to become an expert themselves. The confident spa and salon professional need not worry that a customer will challenge techniques and suggestions as long as they are presented in an ethical and convincing manner. And how else would a professional perform?

The spa and salon customer is primarily interested in what you, the professional, think that they should do and buy to meet their needs. They trust you with product advice the same as they do with services. Since you personally perform the services, why wouldn’t they be receptive to the products you endorse as well? You’ll discover that your loyal following, as well as those new to your business, will be receptive to our own product brand and reward your suggestions with profitable sales results. How well you succeed in retail product sales regardless of the brand you carry depends on your enthusiasm and consistency in promoting those products. In a personal services career, retail will be the easiest income you can generate!

The New Client Interview that SELLS!

By now you should be familiar with the Client Consultation Form which we use as a guide for introducing new customers to your practice. It is important that you consistently perform an interview with each new client, and that all interviews include the following key points:

Establishing trust. You want your new client to get to know you before you begin to perform services on them. Rapport building is one of the most important things you can do with anyone if you hope to create a long-term relationship with him or her. This is essential to your success in rescheduling.

Obtaining client history. Has this client had prior aesthetic or body services and if so, how long ago was the last treatment? Were this individual and his or her former therapist addressing any specific skin or body concern in particular? If so, was the client satisfied with the treatment(s) received? Ask for specifics! This is also the time to gather a few health and medical facts that might be useful for you.

Uncover your customers’ most motivating concerns. This is the core feature of your consultation! Here you get to the point of it all: to understand what your client is the least satisfied with regarding face or body, so that they will be ready to make a real commitment to doing what’s necessary in order to improve it. You’ll not only want to discover these concerns but also have your client express how it feels to have them. When a client expresses concerns coupled with emotions that accompany them they will experience a very convincing desire to do something at that moment. This is your opportunity to offer a solution to the problem, ask for a commitment to change, and then explain what your plan will be, including treatment, frequency of visits, and home care products.

Introduce the Plan. Now it’s time to educate your client on what it means to work with an aesthetics professional. Here you introduce your treatment plan, the routine you’d like them to follow with your services, and the need to recommend adjustments in their home-care products selections. This should be addressed directly and as a matter-of-fact necessity in your strategy to improve the clients’ conditions. You will be asking for permission to make these changes after building a case for them based on the responses in your consultation. Clients will almost always agree to work with you and take your advice. So offer it!  This is probably the best investment you can make in the development of your practice.  

Consultation Method

Allow at least 15 minutes for new clients to have this important interview. Make sure you add extra time when a new client schedules the appointment with you. Failing to conduct this important consultation will cost you significantly in money and repeat business, so make every effort to guarantee that you have enough time to do it!

Perform the consultation in the treatment room. Have your client relax in a facial lounge and then sit facing them and proceed through your list of questions. Some clients can be talkative, so it will be necessary for you to pace the discussion and not permit yourself to get behind. Let your customer know that you’ll provide more information as the appointment progresses, and then move along.

Be sure to get specific descriptions of what the client liked or disliked about past treatments: were the treatments too long or brief? Did they leave the skin feeling and looking better? Was the esthetician?  You are looking for clues as to how you should handle your clients’ needs, expectations, and also what you’ll want to avoid doing that displeased them in the past.

You also want to hear your client tell you exactly what their present concerns are and how they feel about them. This means when your client tells you that she is unhappy about the signs of aging, you will want to identify the exact details she is thinking about. Is it tiny lines around the eyes? Or maybe some small pigmentation spots on the face? Perhaps she is annoyed with continuous breakouts on certain areas of the face. You will not only want to learn about these concerns but also how the client feels about them. Does he or she feel older as a result of them?

Do they feel self-conscious? Angry? Depressed? And so forth. It’s the emotion behind their expressed concerns that provides you, the spa therapist, with a powerful opportunity to make the most of your potential customer/professional relationship, Emotions are motivating, they inspire action rather than complacency, and make it much easier for you to sell solutions to clients. Guesswork does not pay well.

Make important notes on your consultation form for later use in your client database. Your notes will also serve as useful guides in your service and retail recommendations after the service has been performed. This should include treatment upgrades and product add-ons that you plan to suggest in future visits. It is the planning of your client/professional relationship that will result in a better outcome for both of you.

Once you know what your client is most concerned about or interested in, you must demonstrate that you understand what they told you and that you have a solution for it. Tell the client: a) what you plan to do to improve their skin; b) how often you’ll need to see them in order to get the results they want; and c) that you will, (with their permission) recommend changes in home care products and techniques needed to support the plan. This simple technique will almost always be greeted with compliance, a repeat appointment, and an impressive product sale. You have presented everything in a matter-of-fact and convincing setting and format, one that customers will never find threatening, pressuring, or unprofessional. This consultation technique will also save you time, and effectively demonstrate the remarkable difference between your customer care and that of most other technicians. Remember, the better your professional performance and ability to build trust, the better and faster you’ll grow a successful clientele!

Customer Follow-up

Most dissatisfied spa and salon customers won’t tell you when something has gone wrong. They may feel too embarrassed, intimidated or angry to give you the bad news. Most just go away—for good. But these same customers can be counted on to report the story of your bad service to friends and family who will believe that (the by now probably inflated slight or injury) is entirely true. You deserve a chance to protect your business reputation, to solve potential reaction problems, and to thank your customer once again—the extra service mile.

An ideal plan would be to schedule your call to all new clients at least one or two days after a service and/or product sale. To make certain that all new clients receive your call you can enter their information on the Client Tracking Log included here. The log will help you remember which of your appointments should receive a follow-up call and to record their feedback. While talking with your client, you can decide how to handle a question about future services or results of a product. This is also a good time to encourage your client to reschedule. Try a simple script in your follow-up call:

“Hello Kathy, this is Linda at Serenity Day Spa. I wanted to give you a call to see how you’re doing after the facial treatment you had on Tuesday. How does your skin feel now that you’ve been using the Hydraplenish for a few days?”

Even a voice mail message will tell customers that you are concerned for their total satisfaction, and it will encourage them to speak with you if they have questions or concerns. Your clients will most likely be satisfied with results of your treatment and products. They’ll also be surprised and pleased that you took the time to check on their satisfaction.

Successful Selling Methods

Even the best spa and salon retailers will occasionally experience a sales “slump”. Sometimes your service schedule becomes so heavy that you forget to consistently recommend treatment products to every customer.  You may also find yourself too tired or uninspired to cover everything you can in a client appointment. We all have our moments!

This section will give you some easy strategies for keeping your product sales and income healthy every day.

Seasonal Sales Opportunities

As the seasons change, so do the conditions and activities that influence customers’ skin. The onset of winter will lead to dehydrated and visibly aged skin texture while summer sun and heat can lead to excessiveness oiliness or the risk of photoaging. As aesthetics professionals, our clients expect us to address their skin care needs even before possible problems develop. This means offering a plan (and products) to meet seasonal changes in the skin in advance to avoid unwanted but anticipated effects.  

Winter Strategy
For those clients with dehydrated skin, the winter months will be particularly harsh. Cold wind, indoor heating and hot morning showers all contribute dryness. An ideal plan would include elevating skin’s protection about mid-October. Try adding a moisturizing mask or more hydrating moisturizer to your clients’ regimens as a means of keeping skin hydrated and supple during the winter months. Oily skin clients who are currently using a clay mask can switch to a gentler formula; you may want to suggest that they switch from a foaming to an emulsifying cleanser as an appropriate way to get similar protection from overdrying.

Summer Strategy
The #1 defense against skin aging is routine protection from harmful UV rays. Clients will require reminders of to apply sun protection products. Spring is the ideal time to make sure that your clients owns and properly uses sun protection, both face and body.

Summertime will also necessitate adjustments to routine skin care regimens for many clients. In more humid areas you will want to decrease the intensity of the lipid levels in moisturizers in order to make their use more comfortable. Hydration sprays are great for “boosting” the effects of moisturizers. They are also ideal for those who frequently fly or work in air-conditioning.

Skin Care Regimen Review

No matter how loyal you think your clients are to your products and services, other influences (and cosmetics) will inevitably slip into their routines. Infomercials, products sold by friends through multi-level marketing promotions, impulse or convenience purchases, and “gift with purchase” samplers all begin to pull your clients’ attention away from their focus on your skilled recommendations. As a skin care professional, it is your responsibility to periodically check to be certain clients are following maintenance plans that are in the best interest of their individual needs.

At least once a year ask your clients to bring everything they’re using on their face, hands and body (even hair if you’re a real investigator!) so that you can evaluate their skin care at home. Make it clear that you aren’t concerned about where they are buying product but rather that you want to be sure that whatever they’re using is appropriate for their skin type and needs. Tell them that this is the only way you can be sure your work and their results are on track.

Should you find contradictions in their products and methods gently point out how to improve their skin with the correct product suggestions. Be sure to recommend eliminating products or techniques that are clearly not correct for them. You’ll be rewarded with gratitude, renewed attention to your role in their life, and sales!

Focused Sales Strategy

Challenge yourself to above-average sales with some selling games to promote consistent retail success and higher income. These games are a means to keep yourself focused and on track with your goals. This can be helpful as you get to know our new product line.

At the beginning of each week select a product or two to target for high-volume sales. Practice describing these products in a very short, fun, and results-oriented way. Think about what is terrific about the product, something you can relate to such as texture, fragrance, etc. “This toner will help stop the tight feeling you get after washing with tap water. It also prevents dryness by removing trace minerals from the skin. Your skin will feel great after applying this!”

Now plan to sell a certain number of these products every day and track your results as you go through your appointment schedule. You’ll discover how easy it is to make retail move without having to become an expert in, or even personal user of, the products you focus on. Set a goal for weekly sales and go after it. Your income is truly in your own power!

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Clear Light – the Cedar Company Shines Brightly Again

Clear Light – the Cedar Company Shines Brightly Again

Business Celebrity joins forces with an Investment Wizard to relaunch the 45 year old company at a downtown urban farm

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Placitas based Clear Light shut it’s doors in March, but the cedar personal care and home goods company has a bright future under the new ownership of Keith Allen West and Adam Ciepiela. The store and manufacturing facility has relocated to West’s Urban Fresh building at 123 Broadway Blvd SE in East Downtown Albuquerque and the duo are relaunching the online store while expanding their list of wholesale accounts.

“These products have been loved for 45 years. It is amazing to get to expand my work in New Mexico and add even more manufacturing jobs,” said West.

The products are still the beloved original formulations with ingredient updates featuring natural, organic and wildcrafted sources. Clear Light has always wildcrafted their cedar needles. from trees grow in Placitas.

“wild·craft /wīldkraft/ – the practice of harvesting plants from their natural, or "wild" habitat, for food or medicinal purposes. It applies to uncultivated plants wherever they may be found, and is not necessarily limited to wilderness areas. Ethical considerations are often involved, such as protecting endangered species.”

West and Ciepiela expect to use the same process at Pinion Canyon Camp the YWCA land in Tijeras. This will provide revenue to the charity and create a jobs program for the formerly homeless female veterans at the charity’s Henderson House.

“I am excited to keep a 45 year old company alive, keep it locally owned and operated and help bring manufacturing jobs to New Mexico,” said Ciepiela, “Being a small business owner allows us to participate in the discussion and advancement that Albuquerque is a great place to succeed in business.”

Once the cedar bows are pruned from the trees and complete the curating process, they’re run through a large shaker, which removes any of the pollen, leaving the needles in their most pure and aromatic form.

Cedar needles have long been used by Native Americans because of the therapeutic and healing properties. Also a natural insect repellent and coupled with its distinct fragrance, cedar has become widely used in homes across the American Southwest and beyond.

Clear Light’s flagship products:
Cedar Mountain Moisture Lotion – Aromatic, soothing hand and body lotion with other varieties like cedar/lavender and cedar/vanilla.
Cedar Incense – Formed out of a daylong cooked cedar tea and then mixed with cedar oil and a proprietary gum. The clay-like substance is then run through a mold, and dried for four days before it’s packaged for the customers.
Green Cedar Needle Sachets – High-altitude Green Cedar Needles wild harvested from the mountain forests of New Mexico; a natural product, lovingly packed in untreated muslin sacks. Store with woolens and othertreasures to absorb odors and dampness, repel insects, and scent closets and drawers.

The story of Clear Light’s long-term success is truly the story of Josh Peine’s legacy, journey, and the land that surrounded him. Peine began packaging cedar needles from the nearby trees in sachets, as gifts for close friends and family. In 1971 the demand for his small gifts grew into a business which he began calling Clear Light, an homage to his love for religious readings, and specifically, a state of being outlined in ancient Tibetan texts.

Peine, who passed away in 2006, will still be the primary influence on operations at Clear Light New Mexico. Peine’s sister Penny took over ownership and operations following his death. She is the one that decided to ensure the legacy of his company instead of just closing it.

Details of the transfer will not be disclosed, but the continuation of Clear Light was extremely important to West and Ciepiela.

For more information please contact Keith West at 505-514-1800 or

– END –

About Clear Light New Mexico
We create products that treat your mind and body to the natural pleasures and benefits of fragrance—Green Cedar Needle Sachets, Cedar Needle Essence, Cedar Mountain Moisture Lotion, Cedar Mountain Mist, Cedar Blend Potpourri, and handmade Cedar Incense. We also produce soothing and aromatic soaps, bath & shower gel, shampoo, hair conditioner, a variety of special lotions, and unique aromatherapy candles.

The History
After building a successful acting career in Hollywood throughout the 1960’s and armed with a handful of film and television credits, Peine grew tired of auditions, rejections and head shots. So, he did what thousands of actors did before and after him, and in1970 he left it all behind. Peine, an avid biker, climbed on his Harley Davidson and headed north, looking for opportunity or chance, not sure which would show its face first. He rode through California and into southern Canada, before looping around and making his way south to New Mexico and the small community of Placitas.

A dynamic people person with a knack for making friends, Peine forged a relationship with members of the Navajo and Hopi tribes nearby and by chance, it provided the opportunity he was looking for when he left Hollywood. He learned from the Native Americans the properties and uses of cedar, something that piqued his interest from the very start. Peine had found exactly the place that he didn’t know he was looking for. An adventurer with a love for all things outdoors, Peine soon felt at home.

“When he got on that motorcycle, I don’t think he had any idea. He wanted to take a break, and see where it took him,” his sister says. “It was by chance he wound up with the lore, and a fluke that he wound up with the information. It captured his interest, and that’s how it started.”

“He was a very rare person, you could love him and hate him within the space of five minutes,” Penny says. “But at the heart of it, was that sweet nature that came through. He believed in it, he really believed in its positive properties."

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Easily Create Your Own Brand!

Easily Create Your Own Brand!

Creating a brand doesn’t have to be hard at all! We are going to discuss one of the most loved brands of all time. This brand started out in the year 1926 and has since grown to have its own shows on television as well as full-length movies. This brand was acquired by the Walt Disney company and this has spurred a lot of other merchandise based on this brand generating millions of dollars and beloved fans around the world.

We are talking about Winnie the Pooh of course! When you are creating your brand you want to be sure you have a story that goes with it based on what matters to you. For the author A. A. Milne this meant focusing on his family, and more specifically his son for inspiration. Christopher Robin’s favorite teddy bear was actually named Edward. The name Winnie the Pooh has origins in two other animals. The first was a Canadian Black Bear at the local London Zoo who was named after the city in which he was caught, Winnipeg, Canada. The second was Pooh a swan that the Milne family had met on vacation.  By basing the brand’s story in your truth and sincere meaning you will pique other people’s interest in your brand.

Root the basis of your branding in the essence of your story so it will become just as important as the story behind it. This narrative will generate new friends and clients who will generate a substantial following. This following will contribute to building your brand loyalty; this will, in turn, build your bottom line.

As an example for our logo for Urban Fresh New Mexico, we wanted to include a piece of our story. This for us was easy because of our pet piggy. Her name is Priscilla, Pig of the Desert and she can be seen atop organic green hills with the New Mexican Zia sun setting in the background. We also wanted to ensure that our logo was specific to our Land of Enchantment so the whole picturesque scene is contained within our state’s outline.

While a logo is a great part of a brand, you really need the story to back it up as well as the team and customer service to back it up! That’s where making it your story comes back into play. Make people say “wow”, now that’s a brand I love and they love me back.

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